The Green Goblin of Spiderman fame once said, “We are who we choose to be”. In the pre-Hyde, post O-week, spirit of giving a wholesome group of Commerce souls packed into a bus and headed for the Sinclair Wetlands, ready to make a difference. Busier than a 9am Management lecture at Auditorium, it was all go as soon as we arrived.

Active-wear and Kathmandu sussed the lads and lasses of COMSA who departed from balance sheets, supply curves and whatever you do in management to repair the natural landscape got amongst. Unlike business stats we passed with flying colours. In the departing summer sun the spirit of Commerce shone. With native trees planted, invading gorse kept at bay and snags most definitely snagged the COMSA contingent headed for the hills.

Here’s a Haiku: We all like to help Commerce not just backwards hats

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